अनीकवत् [anīkavat], a. Ved. forming the face or front rank; occupying the foremost rank. अग्नये$नीकवते पुरोडाशम् TS.१.८.४.१.

Monier Williams Cologne

अ॑नीक—वत् (अ॑नीक-) mfn. having a face, or constituting the face, or occupying the front or foremost rank (N. of, Agni), VS. &c.


m. (-वान्) (ved.) Having or occupying the pro
minent or principal place, principal, superior, first, an
epithet of Agni, used chiefly when the god receives the
first offerings in certain sacrifices, his name then also oc
curring as the first in the list of the gods invoked. E. अनीक,
taddh. aff. मतुप्.