अनीचि-दर्शिन् (शी) ५.
m. A Bauddha sage.


अनीचिदर्शिन् [anīcidarśin], m. A form of Buddha.


Tatpur. m. (-र्शी) The name of a Bauddha
saint. E. अनीचि(?) and दर्शिन्. (The reading of this word
is doubtful, and the correct form is probably अवीचिदर्शिन्;
from अवीचि the last of the eight fiery hells of the Bud
dhists and दर्शिन्, ‘seeing’; as an Arhat, who has made
himself conversant with the whole doctrine of Sākyamuni,
is promised to penetrate with his sight all the worlds,
‘from the highest summit of existence, down to the great
hell Avīchi’.)