अनीड [anīḍa], a. Having no abode (body), incorporeal, epithet of Agni.

Monier Williams Cologne

अ॑-नीड mfn. having no nest, RV. x, ५५, ६, having no settled abode i.e. incorporeal, Up.

अ॑-नीड m. N. of Agni or fire, L.


I. Tatpur. m. (-नीडः) (ved.) Not nesting, not rest
ing, restless; an epithet of Agni. Also written अनीळ. E.
अ neg. and नीड.
II. Bahuvr. m. f. n. (-डः-डा-डम्) Having no nest or
repose; metaphorically applied to the highest divinity which
is without an abode i. e. without a body. E. अ priv. and नीड.

Grassman Germany

á-nīḍa, a., nest-los [nīḍá].
-as ८८१,६ suparṇás (Indra).

Stchoupak French

a. sans nid.