Spoken Sanskrit

पुरञ्जन puraJjana m. living principle
पुरञ्जन puraJjana m. soul
पुरञ्जन puraJjana m. life



PURAÑJANA . A king. The story of this king was told to king prācīnabarhis by nārada to illustrate the truth that those who kill yajña cows on earth would surely suffer its consequences at one time or another.

purañjana once started on a tour after killing a few yajña cows. His aim was to build a new palace. After walking alone for a long time he reached the neighbourhood of Himālayas. While wandering in the forests he saw a beautiful garden and by its side a big castle with nine tower-gates. It was the residence of the gandharva lady Purañjanī. She had innumerable girl companions and her castle was guarded by a five-hooded cobra called Prajāgiri.

Purañjanī fell in love with purañjana at first sight and their greetings and subsquent talks ended in their marriage. Thus purañjana became the husband of Purañjanī and they lived happily an erotic life for a hundred years. Then one day the king went for hunting alone. Even that separation for a little while from Purañjanī was unbearable to purañjana and he returned to his palace soon. Purañjanī did not come to receive him. On enquiry her companions informed the king that Purañjanī was lying on the floor with grief unable to bear the separation from the king. purañjana consoled her and they lived again for many years in perfect happiness. Then one thing happened.

kāla had a daughter named Kālakanyakā who lived a very wicked and vicious life. She wanted to get married but nobody wanted to be her husband. Śhe went about in search of a husband. pūru became her husband for some time but she was soon divorced by him. She approached a yavana king named bhaya who had a brother called Prajvara. bhaya did not want to take that woman as his wife and so sent her back with a boon that she could stand in hiding and enjoy all men she liked. He sent his brother Prajvara for her help. She roamed about like that for some time and came back again to bhaya. Kālakanyakā, bhaya and Prajvara joined together and gathering a strong army attacked purañjana. A grim battle followed which lasted for several years in the end of which purañjana was defeated and taken captive. While he was being taken as a prisoner a herd of wild cows attacked purañjana and he was killed. After that he was born as a princess named vaidarbhī. malayadhvaja, king of pāṇḍya, married her and got seven celebrated sons. agastya married the daughter of malayadhvaja. (४th skandha, bhāgavata).